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About BBT University

Outline of the University of BBT

University name Business BreakThrough University
President Kenichi Ohmae
Faculty / Department Faculty of Business Administration Department of Global Management
Department of IT Solutions
Graduate Department of Management
Establishment Organization Business Breakthrough,Inc.

The educational goal of this university

The educational goal of BBT University is to cultivate business people and entrepreneurs with professional skills, international perspective, pioneering spirit and high sense of morality, who can think and act on their own based on the idea of self-management, by combining sophisticated knowledge as global citizens and well-established theories and practice methods in the field of business management.

Moreover, BBT University aims to develop human resources that can catch up to the new business trends of the 21st century, lead the economic activities in several regions of the world, including Asia, and develop new business with a pioneering spirit.

The Faculty of Business Administration at BBT University established the curriculum focusing on five categories of skills necessary to survive in the tremendously fluctuating market environment of today’s world: management, IT, problem solving capacity, leadership and English. The purpose of these categories is to cultivate the human resources that can create new business and achieve firm results in the global market.

By only studying through online courses, you can earn a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree at the time of graduation.

Message from the president, Kenichi Ohmae

Develop talent as a global leader

There are no limits to human capacity.
You can develop your own capabilities at BBT University and play an active role in the front line of global business.

The most serious problem of deviation-value-oriented education in Japan is that it makes people think as if the deviation value determines the capability and value of a human.
As a result of deviation-value-oriented education, today’s young Japanese people are not eager to achieve big dreams, and are unwilling to challenge something, unless their objectives are almost surely achievable.
As long as this situation persists, there is no chance for Japan to raise world-class human resources such as Konosuke Matsushita, the founder of Matsushita Electric Corporation (formerly Panasonic), and Soichiro Honda, the founder of Honda Motor.
The reason why they were able to become world-class business people is that they have grown in the age where there is no deviation-value-oriented education, which made them feel as if there is no limitation on their capabilities.
It means their possibilities have been matched with their ambitions.
Business BreakThrough University, will cultivate ambition and capability of individual students, based on its educational principle to “Develop talent as a global leader.” There are no limits to human capacity. BBT University will develop your own ambition together with you.

President of Business BreakThrough University
Kenichi Ohmae

Message behind the school emblem

BBT University “知のネットワークは、人間の能力を無限に伸ばす”

“The network of knowledge can develop human capacity infinitely.”


At BBT University, there is a Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Global Management and Department of IT Solutions.

“Five business skills” to acquire at the Faculty of Business Administration

Five business skills required for global leaders

STEP 1: Basic ability in the fields of management and IT

In today’s business world, knowledge on management and IT is essential; accordingly management and IT are required subjects for both Departments of Global Management and IT Solutions.

STEP 2: Problem-solving capacity

Based on the knowledge learned in STEP 1, the students should learn how to solve the problems efficiently through logical thinking to develop the skill to think logically in any difficult situation.

STEP 3: English skills and role of global leadership

After developing the basic skills of business in STEP 1 and 2, the students should learn the subjects focusing on the output of knowledge to accumulate trial and error experience to achieve their goals.

The concept of learning curriculum at BBT University is to “cultivate human resources that can create one (1) from zero (0) and develop one (1) into two (2).” In short, “create one (1) from zero (0)” means “start a business,” and “develop one (1) into two (2)” means “develop new business for further growth.” This is totally different from the “human resources that can increase sales from one (1) to one-point-two (1.2),” or “human resources that can decrease costs from one (1) to zero-point-eight (0.8).” The students will be required to develop a wide variety of skills in four years.

Although the balance of studying differs between the Department of Global Management and Department of IT Solutions in the Faculty of Business Administration, students are required to learn about “the five business skills”, which include: basic management, basic IT, problem-solving capacity, leadership and English.

In basic management, the students are required to learn management study, marketing, financial accounting, competitive strategy and organizational theory, which are necessary for corporate managers. In basic IT, although there is a class for programming, the students will mainly learn about the knowledge on IT necessary for corporate managers, such as the knowledge on how to utilize IT for management or what kind of online businesses exist. Problem-solving capacity is essential for being global leaders/path-finders. The utilization of your learned ability in the actual business field is directly related to the solution of the problem. To do that, you should learn how to figure out the core of the problem and think about the solution logically. Leadership and English are necessary skills to solve the problems on the global business stage.

■Department of Global Management

In this department, the students will learn broadly about the latest trends in management and world economy, and management theories in several fields to become the business people who can play an essential role in any global business fields.

■Department of IT Solutions

In this department, the students will practically learn about the core concept of IT business and IT society, and develop the skills to solve managerial issues to become the business people who can start their own businesses in the field of IT or the human resources that can play an essential role in terms of business and IT from both inside and outside the company.

International alliance/Study abroad

International alliance

BBT University utilizes AirCampus®, which enables students to complete their learning activities. There, they can study in classes, submit examination papers and research reports, and discuss classes. Through AirCampus®, BBT University is making an opportunity for students living in foreign countries to study in the same class and hold discussions with students in Japan.

As part of such activities, BBT University held a class on cross-cultural comparison study of South Korea and Japan in the spring term of 2015 with Dongseo University (Busan, South Korea).

The purpose of this class is to advance cross-cultural understanding through cultural exchange and actually visiting each country. During the class, students from both universities will study through AirCampus®, and hold discussions and group activities. Moreover, the fieldwork in Busan and Tokyo will also develop direct cross-cultural communication.

BBT University aims to create an opportunity to cultivate the ability to communicate, not only to understand each other’s culture and way of thinking but also understand how to communicate appropriately under the cross-cultural situations in the workplace, through these activities.

Furthermore, BBT University held a class on Entrepreneurship in Asia in the autumn term of 2015 with University of Perpetual Help (Las Pinas City, Philippines). The purpose of this class is to understand the aptitudes and characteristics of entrepreneurs to develop the skills and knowledge to work in Asia, or establish a startup in Asian countries (the class will be carried out in English).Additionally, at the workshop in the Philippines, the students from both universities will develop a business plan in a group, and give a presentation about the plan. Through this study, the students can learn how to communicate with people from different generations with different national backgrounds and take leadership in such a group of people.

In addition to the above, BBT University concluded an alliance with Tamkang University (New Taipei City, Taiwan), and it plans to hold a class on the cross-cultural study of Taiwan and Japan in 2017.

Foreign partner universities

With the aim of cultivating human resources by obtaining sufficient skill to communicate and do the job in English in the age of globalization, BBT University recommends its students to attend English Language Programs (ELP), the intensive learning program conducted for seven weeks by the University of Pennsylvania, one of the foreign partner universities of BBT University. ELP of the University of Pennsylvania has a history of more than 50 years from its establishment. Many of the full-time lecturers of the University of Pennsylvania have a master’s or doctoral degree in the field of teaching English as a second language (TESL), and most of them are well-experienced staff members who were trained to teach foreign students.

Since approximately 2,000 students from 35 countries are attending ELP on an annual basis, the participants of ELP can further deepen cross-cultural understanding in addition to enhancing their English language skills. In addition to that, ELS is providing opportunities for participants to attend special events of the University of Pennsylvania and to experience a cultural exchange with conversation partners or the students from the University of Pennsylvania.

During the period of study abroad, online classes will be carried out as usual, not to slow down the pace of studying at BBT University. Once the advancement in English language skills is recognized, the studying experience at ELP will be regarded as a degree of English language study of BBT University.

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