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Nigel DenscombeNigel Denscombe

Nigel Denscombe


経営学部 グローバル経営学科 専任教授、デンスコム・コーポレーションCEO、国際大学大学院国際経営学研究科特別招聘教授、名古屋商科大学商学部教授・大学院マネジメント研究科教授、早稲田大学大学院 商学研究科非常勤講師・”Japan New Market Entry” ビジネスプランメンター


“Teaching it in the classroom, doing it in the real business world”

CEO, Denscombe Corporation; Professor, Business Breakthrough University; Specially Invited Professor, Graduate School of International Management, IUJ; Professor, Faculty of Commerce, Professor, Division of Business Administration, Nagoya University of Commerce and Business; Management Lecturer and ""Japan New Market Entry"" Business Plan Mentor, Waseda University Graduate School of Commerce

Nigel is a new kind of “hybrid” businessperson, standing at the intersection of two key roles: global manager/owner and business educator. This is why in 2001 he created a Tokyo/New York firm, Denscombe Corporation ( to “bridge” business and education by providing strategic management consulting solutions for corporate clients/business schools and business education solutions for them as well. After graduating from Harvard College (BA) and Harvard Business School with an MBA, Nigel worked in investment banking and strategic management at Bankers Trust Company and also as a Managing Director in Corporate Finance and Capital Markets at Bank of America.


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