GMP Prep Course B



Nigel Denscombe
経営学部グローバル経営学科 教授


Brain tool kit for basic business “hard skills” understandings –

Prep course B will equip you with base-level integrated functional business skills in strategy, marketing and finance that build on Prep Course “A” and enable critical understandings vital for professional career success. The priority emphasis in GMP is business skill building first, English communications second.



GMP Prep courses “A” and “B” are designed to “level the playing field” with integrated base-level understandings in “soft and hard” business skill areas before starting the regular GMP courses
– “A” aims at base-level “soft skills” in logical thinking, case study analysis and English Communications
– “B” aims at base-level “hard skills” in strategy/marketing/finance that are based on integrated learning

Prep Course “B” – Focused on “hard skill” development will provide students with an integrated base-level understanding of the three functional core areas of management: Strategy, Marketing and Finance.
Together these topic areas represent the base knowledge and understandings necessary to be able to review/analyze business cases and issues in a way that can be appropriate and enable business judgments about the situation being discussed.

This course will initially look at each of these business topics – Strategy, Marketing and Finance – separately, and bit-by-bit or “step-by-step integrate them together. This will provide a holistic learning process and will provide a great learning platform enabling relevant decision-making/recommendations.

To facilitate this learning process, each section of the course will focus on the same business case study, but explore the issues from a different perspective, and in the end, integrate them all together for a final business presentation based on the case study issues that require a solution.
That final discussion that pulls everything together will focus on corporate governance, strategy, stakeholders, and value preservation/creation.

After this Prep Course “B”, students should be able to understand how the core foundation areas of business work together, and how business enterprises can create value. Importantly, students will be able to confidently analyze business situations/case studies, and arrive at relevant decisions and recommendations based on persuasive logic and good communications ability from the “A” course.


英語で戦略、マーケティング、ファイナンスなどのビジネススキルを習得したい方におすすめ。GMP Prep Course Aをすでに履修し、さらにステップアップしたい方にも。


  • 内容をいろんな場面で繰り返し説明してくれるので理解がしやすい。
  • 英語よりビジネススキルに重きを置いて学べる、内容も実践的ですぐに業務に生かすことができた。
  • ケーススタディを使って学ぶことで知識が定着して理解が深まった。




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